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About Us

Welcome to Quizz

Established in 2010, Quizz is premium manufacturer for disposable vape devices including nicpen, nicpod, vape battery. We cooperate with wholesalers and distributors and vape shop owners with variety of items at good price. Base at ShenZhen city of China, we are able to grab and smooth supply chain for vape products also access to the new technology on vape devices. You could get inventory at speedy delivery and also good service from us about inventory package,display,after-sales also long-term cooperation.

Feature Service

Vape industry is one of the magical and new business chance nowadays. We would like to help more people to start their vape business with very limited budget at beginning.
You could be local distributor or wholesaler for disposable vape items under brand name -Quizz. Also you could had your brand on the item and help you build your brand power. All products, label, package would meet your local regulation.
Also youtubes or tiktokers or insgramers are welcome if you would like to get sponsors to benefit your subscribers or followers. Disposable vape product would be the perfect alternatives to make giveaway online.


Si vous avez des suggestions ou des questions pour nous.Veuillez nous contacter.
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